Our ambition is to be a safe and efficient developer and producer of natural gas. The Board holds the firm conviction that safe business is good business and that by making safety, and due regard for the environment, an integral part of how we operate is essential for the long term success of the company.

Climate Change Statement

We appreciate that limiting climate change and transitioning to a more sustainable economy are the critical challenges of our time. In that context, we recognise the importance of the UK’s 2050 Net Zero target as part of global efforts to meet the goals of the 2015 Paris Accord. The Board believes that natural gas produced from the North Sea can play a key role in the efficient transition to a low carbon economy, by enabling and complementing the increasing contribution from renewable power in the energy mix.

In our activities, we are actively looking at how we can reduce the carbon footprint of our operations in line with the industry’s and NSTA’s joint goal of achieving a 50% reduction in upstream emissions by 2030.  This includes investing in capital projects on our facilities which will lead to the simplification of operations and replacement of existing diesel generated power with electricity generated from offshore renewable sources.


Statement of Principles

The directors hold the firm conviction that achieving high standards in HSE performance is essential for long term success. This means protecting the health and safety of our people and of those affected by our business, the prevention of pollution of the environment and the protection of our physical assets.

Everard Energy  is committed to:

  • providing a healthy, safe and secure work environment;
  • protecting the environment by reducing or avoiding any adverse effects and impacts of our operations, and those of our contractors, on the environment;
  • complying with all applicable legal requirements and other applicable industry standards;
  • identifying, assessing and minimising community impacts; and
  • pursuing continual HSE Improvement.


In order to meet their commitments, Everard Energy will:

  • take management decisions which reflect our HSE intentions;
  • make personnel, whether employees or contractors, aware of their delegated HSE responsibilities and provide appropriate training to undertake these responsibilities;
  • identify, evaluate and manage HSE risks and impacts arising from our activities. Risk management measures will be utilised, where necessary, to mitigate such risks to be as low as reasonably practicable;
  • aim to apply best available industry practice when conducting operations;
  • provide an appropriate emergency response framework including contingency plans and resources to respond to incidents and emergencies, with periodic review and testing;
  • provide an effective process to identify, assess and avoid or minimise impacts on communities and other stakeholders where we operate;
  • make available appropriate resources to implement this Policy; and
  • monitor, evaluate and report HSE performance and conduct audits; such performance and findings being reported to the Board


The CEO and Board have ultimate responsibility for the implementation of this Policy and will ensure that it is periodically reviewed.

June 2023

John Martin